Great Lakes Gallery

Great photos deserve to be shared.

Jen’s Lens

JenJen Tebedo, the owner of Great Lakes Gallery, wanted to set her photos free from JPEG jail and share them with everyone enchanted by the sights, sounds, and subjects in the Great Lakes area.

Jen grew up taking rolls upon rolls of film while on family vacations throughout Michigan and the Midwest. To this day many of her favorite pictures are of the animals and nature found in Michigan. She has always had an affinity for visual arts and sharing that creativity: from jewelry design to teaching, photography to advertising. Originally her day-job working with Chambers of Commerce led to after-hours work assisting businesses to reshape their message and develop new collateral to promote their products and services. Her photography of Frankenmuth was utilized for tourism advertising and featured in many magazines and newspapers to promote “Michigan’s Little Bavaria.”  Having grown up with a camera in her hand documenting family travels and experiences led to an adult life doing the same with her children.

Her photos have been picked-up and published in: Life in the Middle, Fort Wayne Magazine, “O” Magazine, Home School Digest, Focus on Frankenmuth and regional newspapers. Jen began the gallery as a way to share her Michigan with others.  The best photographs aren’t able to be captured – we just borrow them for a while…

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